Resource Reclamation LLC (RRLLC) is developing and implementing new technology for the effective treatment and remediation of soils contaminated by different types of spills, and for the treatment of drill cuttings in the oil and gas industry.  RRLLC has now made available to the market a new patent pending treatment system that when used to remediate contaminated soils is less expensive and allows for the replacement of treated soils back to the area remediated, and also when used to treat drill cuttings can lower the volume of waste by up to 60%.  This allows the cuttings to be treated to standards where other disposal methods or even up cycle reuse may be an option depending on local regulations.



We at RRLLC believe that there is always a better way to handle the waste products that industry produces in their day to day operations.  We also believe that industry is looking for the same.  We are dedicated to bringing new proven technologies to industry that will accomplish this in a safe and economically feasible way.



RRLLC's mission is to provide the technology and expertise to anyone that wants or needs to lower their costs, exposure to and environmental footprint when the need for soil remediation or the treatment of drill cuttings is needed.

Resource Reclamation LLC

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